Putting People First in Today’s Smart
Factories Whitepaper

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Understand how to connect people to your Industrial IoT smart factory platform to compete in an ever-changing manufacturing landscape and to mitigate the risks of industry labor shortages. 

About Shoplogix

Shoplogix is re-defining the manufacturing industry by making the Smart Factory platform the cornerstone of digital production performance transformation. By empowering manufacturers to visualize, integrate, and act on production performance in real-time, Shoplogix helps to uncover hidden shop floor potential and drive rapid time to value.



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This 'Putting People First in Today’s Smart Factories' whitepaper reviews how to engage employees to drive your digital maturity through adoption and accountability. You will learn: 

  • How to conquer complex information and identify key metrics to make faster and smarter decisions to drive sustainable growth. 
  • How to break down data silos and offer exclusive insights into successful customer implementations. 
  • Advanced insights into successful customer implementations and best practices of some of the world’s most advanced smart factory manufacturers.

A Shoplogix  Whitepaper

Putting People First in Today’s Smart Factories