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A Shoplogix  Fireside Chat

Manufacturing Restarts: Production Best Practices in COVID-19

As The Industry Restarts, Are You Prepared?

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced manufacturers across the globe to a new operational reality focused on safeguarding their workforce while adapting operations to changes in the economy and supply chains. From shutdowns, retooling or ramping up production, to new health and safety and social distancing guidelines, the only certainty is significant changes lead the way forward. Months into this pandemic, the industry now restarts. 

During this fireside chat with manufacturing leaders across automotive, packaging, and steel industries they discussed how manufacturers are adopting COVID-19 best practices into their operations to safeguard their employees and efficiently operate production facilities. The conversation revolved around real-world manufacturers championing change management across their operations to optimize output and thrive in the new normal. 

The chat went into detail regarding: 

  • How manufacturers are following new COVID-19 protocols and policies to restart their operations 
  • Actionable steps  to safeguard your employees to maintain output and morale
  • How manufacturers are evaluating their operations in the new normal to drive efficiency
  • Strategies and best practices manufacturers are implementing today to invest in the future of their factories

Luis Ponte
Vice President & GM
Samuel, Son & Co.

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About our panel:

With over 15 years of automotive manufacturing experience, Diego brings proven leadership skills, broadscale industry knowledge, and the integration of international best practices to his role as AGM of Modatek Systems with a focus on operational improvement. Throughout his career at Daimler Chrysler and Magna, Diego has managed teams of over 800 employees, led cross-functional new business teams to realize new profit streams, and optimized operational availability of equipment to increase productivity. Diego is an expert in Lean practices and has led the development and implementation of LEAN manufacturing processes, resulting in direct labor utilization and manufacturing overhead improvements; including testing standards to improve employee-wide quality consistency and the implementation of TWI with job instruction training as part of the LEAN plan.

Diego Castro 
Assistant General Manager
Magna International, Cosma Division, Modatek Systems

Luis brings over 20 years of progressive operations and transportation experience to his role as Vice President of the Automotive Group and Kim Tam Logistics at Samuel & Sons, Co. He is responsible for the commercial and operational oversight focused on growth, alignment and business development with OEM’s across North America. He drove Kim Tam’s growth strategy through integration with Automotive, Supply Chain, and Manufacturing business units by repositioning Kim Tam as a leading logistics service provider. Luis is an avid sports enthusiast; his hammer is his golf club, and he enjoys watching live sports; especially European soccer.