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The 1-1 Discovery and demo is an engagement that yields insights into your operational objectives and how you can leverage technology to prioritize opportunities for improvement in various areas of your operations.

“The detailed discovery and overview process was a great experience for us, We learned a lot from the experienced Shoplogix team and about our own operational objectives. During this process, we got a good feeling about how we could leverage technology to achieve our objectives at the pace and scope that made sense for our organization.  Our teams worked well together which transitioned through to deployment and it gave us the confidence that our initiative was going to be successful.  I would recommend the Discovery and demo process to anyone wanting to mitigate the risk prior to committing to a Smart Factory/IIoT/ MES implementation.”

A 1-1 Demo Engagement is a minimal investment step, at the front of an IIoT/MES investment, which will:

  •  Provide a clear list of your objectives
  •  Identify your low-hanging fruit
  •  Scope & prioritize your solution into manageable phases
  •  Mitigate your risk prior to investing
  •  Help assess your Partner prior to a software commitment
  •  Delivers value to you regardless of final vendor selection


Objectives List

Scope and prioritize your Solution phases

Opportunity Assessment

If you don’t know where you are headed, how will you know when you get there? Listing objectives is a key starting point for any IIoT/MES/Smart Factory Project.

A smart factory project is a business project, not a technology one. Understanding the areas of opportunity, from low-hanging fruit to latter phase opportunities, helps layout where effort should be expended first.

Increase your chances of success with an engineered solution. It lets our project team ensure that our Stepping Stones elements are weighted in the right area and that we have a view into the big gaps—and big wins—so we can tailor a proposal and project exactly for your needs.

Risk Mitigation

Assess your Partner

Inherent Value

Minimize risk by getting acquainted. A Demo is a small investment, and it will allow both your team and ours to learn more about each other and get acquainted.

Increase your chances of success by working with the vendor prior to a major software commitment. Our team works with you to understand your pain points and align these with your objectives. 

We’re confident that you will want to continue the relationship with us after the demo, but the deliverable from the demo are insights that provide a path for you to follow, regardless of which vendor you select.

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