The first task of an effective operations team is to resolve issues in a timely manner.
The next step is to investigate the root cause and define clear corrective actions to mitigate future occurrences.

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Is each Action Plan linked to a specific machine in my plant?

Yes. We’ve found that most production issues at the operator level stem from specific machines, which is why we always link Action Plans to machines on your shop-floor. This allows better traceability (history) of issues and resolutions.

Are Action Plans linked to Machines, or Machine States?

You have both options. You can link an Action Plan to just a Machine, or a specific Machine State that occurred during a shift. 

Example 1: Action Plan linked to a Machine 
If your team wants to track a task against an entire Machine (general maintenance, part replacement, a problem not related to a specific downtime, etc.) find your Machine in Shoplogix, and then click “Action Plan” in the navigation menu.
Once in your Machine’s action plan portal, simply click the “+” button to create an Action Plan for this machine. 

Example 2: Action Plan linked to a Machine State 
If a machine went down, ran slow, or produced scrap during a shift, then find the specific Machine State in your Hourly view and create a new comment for it.
Once the comment is created, you’ll be able to create a new Action Plan directly from this Comment by clicking the blue clipboard icon beside it.

To create an Action Plan from a Machine State, do I need to have a Comment first?

Yes, and the reason for this is because your Comment will automatically become your Action Plan’s description field. It makes things easier for you when you want to investigate an unintended machine state.

If I edit a Comment that has an Action Plan linked to it, is the Action Plan affected?

The Action Plan will not be deleted or removed. However, the Comment information within the Action Plan will update according to your changes to ensure everything is synced.

If I delete an Action Plan, will my Comment get removed from the Machine Hourly view?

No, rest assured your Comment will not be altered if you decide to Archive or Delete an Action Plan created from it.

Monitor Progress to Problem Resolution as Part of Your Daily Production Meetings

Perform root-cause analysis of unintended events on your shop-floor with the only task management system that automatically links to machine states, and ties plant floor losses back from machines to roles and people in your plant, driving action and accountability.


Create Work Action Plans that are automatically linked to specific, machine state events and reasons.


Shoplogix Action Plan stores all historical issues to review later, something that most shop-floors cannot easily do.


By replacing manual whiteboards, it's much easier to escalate issues to other teams across multiple shifts.

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